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Dear Virginians


Dear Virginians,

The opportunity to serve the Commonwealth as Governor and First Lady is a remarkable blessing. An extraordinary part of this honor is residing in Virginia’s Executive Mansion while we strive to make Virginia the best place to live, work and raise our family.

Every minute we spend in our nation’s oldest, purpose-built mansion offers an opportunity to learn, each day revealing new experiences that fascinate and educate.

Encapsulated in history and culture, the Executive Mansion’s maintenance, hospitality and preservation is not simply our duty but our privilege.

Further, as partners in life and partners in our mission to keep the Spirit of Virginia alive, Glenn and I are immensely proud of and devoted to honoring Virginia’s exceptionalism through its triumphant and tumultuous past, inspiring present, and promising future. We are committed to leaving the Mansion even more beautiful than we found it while ensuring that Virginians know this is a place where all are always welcome.

As a first step, and in collaboration with artists, museums, historians and curators throughout the Commonwealth, we are unveiling ‘The Art Experience’ at the Executive Mansion. Showcasing varied and diversified Virginia-centric content and Virginia artists, this dynamic, new display of art and artifacts will serve as a living exhibit that changes over time as different parts of Virginia’s story become the focus. We sincerely hope this reimagined art installation will help better tell the story of the Commonwealth, unitedly the story of our nation.

Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not thank the individuals who make this house a home; from the faithful Executive Mansion staff that welcomed us warmly and have dutifully served numerous Governors, to the small but mighty team working year-round to maintain the natural wonder of the Mansion grounds and greenhouse, to the Capitol Police and Executive Protection Unit professionals dedicated to safety, to 8.5 million Virginians who remind us of the true meaning of a grand and diverse Commonwealth.

The Executive Mansion will be our residence for a short time, but as Virginians this has been and always will be your home. Thank you for your hospitality, now it’s our turn to open the door to you.

Welcome home,

Governor Glenn Youngkin & First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin

Governor and First Lady Signature