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Art Experience-NEW version Demo

Welcome to the Art Experience

The second installment of the dynamic Art Experience at the Executive Mansion, titled “Do What You Love in Virginia,” highlights the pastimes, places and people that are enjoyed and adored by Virginians and visitors alike. The Art Experience at the Executive Mansion was designed in collaboration with artists, museums, and curators throughout the Commonwealth to educate, excite and inspire those who visit. The exhibition highlights works from a mix of genres and mediums with particular focus on Virginia artists and themes. It is a living display which will evolve and change over time as additional works of art become available and as different parts of the Virginia story become the focus.

An archive of the inaugural exhibit, “The Spirit of Virginia,” is available here.

Use the dropdown menu to view a full list of artworks by room. Click on the name of a piece to view the art and read more about its origin, or use the menu navigation above the search bar to explore each room. 

Fast Facts

The first installment of the Art Experience at the Executive Mansion nearly doubled the number of works of art from 26 pieces to over 48 pieces of hanging art, sculpture and artifacts. Expanding on the initial exhibit, “Do What You Love in Virginia” boasts over 75 works from 37 institutions and independent artists. The Art Experience will continue to grow, with more pieces slated for installation in the coming months.

The Mansion’s Art Experience has quadrupled the percentage of artwork and artifacts that celebrate minority subjects, Virginians, and culture.

We are proud that every single piece in the Art Experience represents some aspect of Virginia’s vast geography, peoples, places, history and/or culture. Virtually all the pieces were created by a Virginian, someone who was born in Virginia, lived in Virginia, studied in Virginia, or donated by a Virginian.